November 1, 2014

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Samsung Chromebook 2 first look

Samsung is back with another Chromebook this year, this time with an intel processor in tow. In the past Samsung has stuck with its own Exynos processors for its chromebooks. The laptop is has a very slick metal feel to it, and its got its ...

Inbox for Chrome

Inbox by Gmail seems to be the only thing that anyone talked about in the last few days. It caused quite a stir, due to its full implementation of Google’s fabled ‘Material design’, and it was such a new take on email, that no ...


Open source torrent streamer TorrenTV adds Chromecast support

  • August 12, 2014

Let’s be honest here; we know you’re torrenting files to your PC or Mac. Just about everyone we know in this post-Napster era is ...

Tips & Tricks

Google adds ‘Second Screen’ functionality to Play Movies Android app

  • October 31, 2014

I hate it when I’m watching a movie with someone when, suddenly they see an actor or actress and they must know every movie that they have ...