March 1, 2015

Latest News

ADB could soon be used on Chrome OS

Developers and Android tinkerers will be happy to know that Android Debug Bride could soon be coming to Chrome OS. At the moment, if you want to use ADB, you need to have a Mac or Windows computer. This news comes from an update to an old bug ...

The Chromecast has competition from Intel

The Chromecast has to be one of my favorite gadgets of the last year or so.  For so long it was a pain to get the content on my smartphone onto the big screen.  Sure it was possible, but the Chromecast made it painless.  Sometimes there can be ...


GamingCast brings four interactive games to your Chromecast

  • March 1, 2014

So you’ve got all the media streaming and local file streaming apps you can think of…what now? Why not use your Chromecast for gaming ...

Tips & Tricks

Smart Lock expected soon for Chromebooks

  • December 11, 2014

Are you getting tired of having to enter your password every time that you start your Chromebook up? Sure, you could set it so that your password ...