May 5, 2016

Latest News

Now Casting: Sling TV Live and On Demand

Great news for those of you with a Sling TV looking to extend your viewing options. As of today, Sling TV Live and On Demand features are available for Chromecast. To help kick off the new era of streaming and remote viewing, Sling is offering a ...

New Chromecast products

Today was a big day for Google, as it announced new Nexus devices, a new tablet, and new Chromecast devices (yes, that’s plural!). There are two Chromecast devices now, one meant for TV, and one meant for speakers, dubbed Chromecast Audio. ...


RiffTrax website adds beta casting feature

  • June 13, 2014

RiffTrax has added Chromecast capabilities to its website so you can cast all of your favorite terrible movies. Users can now stream movies ...

Tips & Tricks

Smart Lock expected soon for Chromebooks

  • December 11, 2014

Are you getting tired of having to enter your password every time that you start your Chromebook up? Sure, you could set it so that your password ...