August 27, 2014

10 Android apps that should have Chromecast support by now


Now that the official Google Cast SDK is accessible to developers we’re starting to see an influx of mobile apps being released with Chromecast support. And, with the preview SDK offered all the way back in summer of 2013, we’ve had some nice titles to choose from.

The problem, in a nutshell, is that we always want more. It’s when we look at what we don’t have that we grow anxious or irritable. How can ABC have a Chromecast-ready experience and XYZ not?

We’ve put together a list of ten Android apps that we expect should have Chromecast support by now. If not now then very, very soon. We don’t have any special insight into the development process for these apps but we just feel like it should happen.  It better happen! If it doesn’t, someone else with a similar app could come along and steal away some of their audience.


MLB At Bat 14 – For real, the baseball season is about to get underway. And, since the recently updated app plays nice with MLB.TV subscriptions, we’d love to be able to cast games to our TV’s or monitors. Heck, if not actual video, at least give us some of that computer generated stuff. How hard is it to scroll a ticker ESPN-style across the bottom while displaying league standings or divisional player stats? UPDATE: NOW LIVE

TED - One of those apps that we find ourselves using on Roku and smart TV’s, this one is a no-brainer. Why not add a simple button to the phone and tablet app so we can cast to a larger display? Even audio in the background would suffice in many cases.


ESPN SportsCenter – Give us a split screen of breaking news and highlights on continuous loop with the standings of our favorite leagues. Scroll a custom ticker across the bottom and we’re all set. Oh, if you want to hand off full-screen video to Watch ESPN, that’s even better! UPDATE: Watch ESPN NOW LIVE

PBS Video – This one is only accessible through the Amazon Appstore so it will need to expand to Google Play Store as well. We should be able to get our Downtown Abbey Ken Burns, and Antiques Roadshow fix on our phones, tablets, and TVs.

Flixter – Why offer to let us watch movie trailers when we really want to see them on a larger screen? What’s more, we should be able to browse our favorite theaters with a fancy at-a-glance look that feels like we’re at ticket booth. UPDATE: NOW INCLUDED

Big Oven – We arbitrarily picked this one from dozens of other top recipe apps but, seriously. TV prices have come down so much that we’re finding them in the kitchen on the counter or wall. Why not cast your recipes to something much bigger so that you can stop waking your phone or tablet up? You’re gonna watch a quick video on making a pesto; would it not work better where you can use both hands and have a great view?


Flickr – We like to look at gorgeous photos. And, why we do appreciate the simplicity of the mobile experience, we would rather view these HD images as they were meant to be seen. Just add a casting option and leave everything else alone.

MAX Go – HBO Go is available and works incredibly well so we expect that the Cinemax app gets the same treatment. Don’t reinvent the app, just follow the HBO lead.

Showtime Anytime – See above for same reasons.

Google Drive – Given there are so many opportunities for large displays in the office environment, we expect we should see our documents on the big screen. We’re uploading images, presentations, and other files because we want to access them everywhere. Let us view them anywhere. Thanks to the recent price drops in storage capacities, we’ve got even more incentive to upload and stream our files. Ahem.

In all actuality, this is just the first in what’s likely an ongoing series of lists of apps. In putting this one together we found the collection grew quite quickly.

Which apps do you think should have Chromecast support by now? Are there any titles out there, Android or iOS, that are begging to get this treatment? How would you envision the experience? Please, do leave a comment below with your thoughts!