Top 10 tips and tricks for your Chromebook


I’m relatively new to the world of the Chromebook and Chrome OS. I’ve always been looking around for tips and tricks on how to make my Toshiba Chromebook do what I want it to do, and do something that I didn’t know that Chrome OS could do. So today, I’ve compiled a list ...

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How To: Find new apps for your Chromecast


So you’ve heard the buzz and finally got yourself one of those Google¬†Chromecast devices that everyone raves about. Welcome to the club! Now you’re probably wondering, “Where are all of these apps and games I keep hearing about?” Before today, that wasn’t exactly ...

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How To: Stream movies from Google Drive to Chromecast


Now that Google has dropped the price of storage even further, consumers are able to score tons of cloud-based storage at very reasonable prices. For those unaware, Google now offers 15GB of Drive storage per account at no cost. Said storage can be used across Gmail and Google+ photos. Moving ...

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