Chrome will soon alert you of memory hogging extensions

Chrome Extensions

You’re running through your various tasks on your computer, you see a new extension or two available for Chrome, and you decide to install it. You do this again over time, and then you begin to notice something weird happening with Chrome. It’s slow, laggy, takes forever to do ...

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The Chromecast has competition from Intel


The Chromecast has to be one of my favorite gadgets of the last year or so.  For so long it was a pain to get the content on my smartphone onto the big screen.  Sure it was possible, but the Chromecast made it painless.  Sometimes there can be connection issues, but most of the time... Read More

Top 10 tips and tricks for your Chromebook


I’m relatively new to the world of the Chromebook and Chrome OS. I’ve always been looking around for tips and tricks on how to make my Toshiba Chromebook do what I want it to do, and do something that I didn’t know that Chrome OS could do. So today, I’ve compiled a list ...

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Chromecast already being torn apart


Google recently announced their new media-streaming-slash-internet-throwing “ChromeCast” dongle. Now, of course, the folks at iFixIt have gotten their hands on it, and they’ve done what they do best – torn it to pieces. So what are we looking at internally? ...

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