Roku goes after Chromecast with $50 HDMI stick


Roku on Tuesday announced its first HDMI stick, the aptly name Roku Streaming Stick. Priced at $50, the Roku stick enters the space currently occupied by Google’s Chromecast. The Roku stick plugs in via HDMI and features access to the library of more than 12,000 “channels”. ...

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Now Casting: Sling TV Live and On Demand


Great news for those of you with a Sling TV looking to extend your viewing options. As of today, Sling TV Live and On Demand features are available for Chromecast. To help kick off the new era of streaming and remote viewing, Sling is offering a pair of promotions.If you’re a new customer ...

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Chromecast eclipses Apple TV in U.S. streaming device sales

Connect to a Chromecast without using WiFi

As an owner of both the Apple TV and the Chromecast, I have been thoroughly disappointed with one of these devices, and extremely satisfied and surprised by the other. The Chromecast has done more than I ever thought it would, and with all the apps that are continually updated for support, ...

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Sling adds Chromecast support to its mobile apps


It’s a pretty big week for Chromecast, what with all of the new apps getting support over the last few days. Today sees another noteworthy advancement for the platform as Slingplayer adds Chromecast support. We’re ecstatic to announce that Chromecast support has arrived for Slingbox M1, ...

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Now Casting:, Istikana, and Tool for Picasa, Google+


Ready to kick off your week with some apps for your Chromecast? Take a look at these three Android titles which recently integrated Chromecast capability. We’ve got a short blurb about what you can expect out of each app. Need more apps for your Android or iOS device? Be sure to check out ...

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Android TV to debut at Google IO – report says

android tv

It wasn’t that long ago that Google had plans to get a place in your living room with a TV service , unfortunately that didn’t pan out quite as well as hoped with Google TV becoming a bit of a flop, mainly due to the half-baked integration of trying to combine apps and Pay TV... Read More

Aereo delays Chromecast support until June 4


Aereo has pushed back the roll out of its Chromecast support by roughly one week, according to a tweet from the company. We are delaying release of Chromecast support to June 4 to work out a few kinks. Bummed about the delay, but next week is gonna rock! — Aereo (@Aereo) May 29, 2014 Instead... ...

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Simple.TV adds Chromecast support, offline playback


Simple.TV on Thursday announced that its “whole-planet DVR” system has added Chromecast support as well as offline playback. Offered as a free update to the existing experience, these two features add a whole new level of DVR capability. “We have a very engaged customer base who has ...

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Electronic music channel Interfusion TV to debut in June with Chromecast support


It’s great to see a new app or media service embrace Google Chromecast support from the beginning and that’s what the PNN Media Group have done with their new TV service called Interfusion TV.The dedicated EDM (Electronic Dance Music) TV channel is set to launch in the Summer and ...

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A cord-cutter’s quick guide to purchasing an indoor HDTV over-the- air antenna [Guest Post]

FlatWave_SideCornerFlip (1)

If you’re reading this article it may be because you’ve already taken the plunge and cut the cable TV cord. Or you may be on the fence, trying to build up the courage to sever ties with a cable or satellite subscription that has set you back almost $90 each month for years. This is... Read More