June 18, 2019

Adding new functionality to Chromecast with Dashboard Cast


The stock pictures that come with your Chromecast device are great! A lot of people, myself included, have the Chromecast running just for the stock slideshow. But the app of the day today adds some extra productivity to your slideshow, it’s called Dashboard Cast, and I think you’re going to like it.

The app will let you display widgets of information on your tv screen. Some of the widgets available now are:

  • weather
  • clock and date
  • rss feeds
  • a calendar with options to display your appointments
  • stocks

Keep an eye on this one because the developer is planning a lot of great features and widgets planned including:

  • additional calendar views
  • device notifications(!)
  • traffic or weather maps
  • customizable backgrounds
  • better control over widget positions
  • starting your app and the Chromecast on a set schedule

Dashboard Cast is a great app for your Chromecast if you are looking to expand functionality while the Chromecast is on standby. The app is free to download, but has some in app purchases, and is available on Google Play now. Check it out today!