September 1, 2014

Chromecast Concept: Alarm clock with Google cards is how we deserve to wake up


Remember that little morning dashboard concept video we posted the other day which featured a practical, every day use for the Chromecast and your TV? Well, we got to digging around and came across another proof-of-concept for Chromecast which could prove equally as compelling.

First published to YouTube last fall, Peter Janak was thinking the same things we are: cards on our TV could be really cool. Check out the two demos embedded below to see what he has in mind for the Chromecast as a helpful alarm clock. Helpful, meaning it could show various cards of information that help us wrap our brains around the day ahead.

Just threw¬†together a little demo application of an alarm clock for the Chromecast. It’ll wake the device up at a given time and show a few cards (traffic, weather, etc.) after the alarm finishes. Check it out!

Another quick little demo showcasing using OAuth on a sender and casting appointment data with my Alaram Clock app.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s no reason we cannot have an always updating Google Now experience on our TVs.

Imagine your cards displayed on your television, automatically cycling through details, refreshing the calendar, and listing important notifications. You know all that stuff that gets pushed to your Android notification bar? That should be pushing to our TV sets.¬†Taking things a step further, we’d love to be able to pick the TVs or monitors that display our cards.

Perhaps someone will pick up where this concept left off…maybe marry it with Michael Massie’s design language?

Peter Janak (Google+)