January 16, 2017

Android mirroring officially comes to Chromecast


With the all the new announcements coming out of Google I/O , perhaps the biggest one for Chromecast is Android mirroring. A simple touch of a button sees you mirroring your Android device with what appears to be little or no lag. With mirroring you will be able to cast screen from the Chromecast app; if we are to believe what we saw at the Google event it seems to be real time.


During the event Google demoed mirroring with the Google earth app and worked seamlessly.  Chromecast Mirroring will be available in the coming weeks on most of the top devices including HTC, Samsung, LG, and Nexus devices. Things get started, as usual, in a beta release, with a wider roll out down the road.



  1. Ricardona

    I buyed a Chromecast for using at work but this device always need be connected to Internet. Obviously the company have firewall and others paranoiac and necessary security rules. If a internet connection is required anyway this mirror can’t be happen in my work. Google need think about other sceneries and not only in home users.