June 18, 2019

Artkick updated with new UI and easier way to connect with Chromecast


If you get tired of the same photos streaming over your inactive Chromecast and want to switch it up a bit, you should give Artkick a try. Artkick, an app we’ve profiled before, has a huge database of free pictures that you can cast to Chromecast. There are subjects ranging from architecture to sculptures and even space. You can also import your personal pics from a large range of different services.

A lot of improvements came with this latest update. The most important one for Chromecast users has to do with pairing to the HDMI device. Before the update you had to deal with a screen code; now it works like every other app should when connecting to your device. The developers have also improved the UI to make it look a bit more modern and user-friendly. Last but not least, you’ll find more options for slide show time intervals.

Check it out in the play store with the link below!