Smart Lock expected soon for Chromebooks


Are you getting tired of having to enter your password every time that you start your Chromebook up? Sure, you could set it so that your password isn’t always enabled, but where’s the security and peace of mind in that? Well, if you have a device running Android 5.0 Lollipop, it ...

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Chromecast app gets guest mode, Material Design UI, beta screen casting

Chromecast app Featured

The Material Design train keeps rolling right alone, sometimes longer than expected. While not one of Google’s “major” apps, Chromecast is still widely used, and necessary for obviously connecting, well Chromecasts. Today, the Chromecast app received its Material Design UI ...

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Chrome will soon alert you of memory hogging extensions

Chrome Extensions

You’re running through your various tasks on your computer, you see a new extension or two available for Chrome, and you decide to install it. You do this again over time, and then you begin to notice something weird happening with Chrome. It’s slow, laggy, takes forever to do ...

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Chromecast eclipses Apple TV in U.S. streaming device sales

Connect to a Chromecast without using WiFi

As an owner of both the Apple TV and the Chromecast, I have been thoroughly disappointed with one of these devices, and extremely satisfied and surprised by the other. The Chromecast has done more than I ever thought it would, and with all the apps that are continually updated for support, ...

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Google adds Cookpad, Overdrive, and more to Chrome compatible list


Looks like Google’s been hard at work with developers this holiday season. This time around, Google has released some applications to the Chrome Web Store that work across both your Android device, as well as Chrome OS. These apps are Cookpad Recipes, OverDrive, and Couchsurfing, and can ...

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Comedy Central, Nick and Sesame Street Go can now be cast


Folks have been clamoring for some of their favorite apps to get updated to support Chromecast, and today, we have a few new ones to add to the bunch. Comedy Central, Sesame Street go, and Nickelodeon have all been updated with the ability to cast to your Chromecast without any hiccups or ...

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1TB of Drive storage for new Chromebooks this Holiday season

Google Drive

If you’re either asking or purchasing a Chromebook this holiday season, you might have been expecting only receive the usual 200GB of Google Drive storage. Well, Google has a little surprise for everyone for the holidays. Google announced today that all new Chromebooks purchased between ...

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Backup and restore your Android apps via Chrome with Helium

Helium Backup Chrome Web Store

Koushik Dutta is known quite well around the Android community. From the ClockworkMod ROM Manager, to AllCast (which is making it’s way to iOS), and Helium. Formerly known as Carbon, Helium is an application that is designed to help you back up and restore all of your Android apps without ...

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Top 10 tips and tricks for your Chromebook


I’m relatively new to the world of the Chromebook and Chrome OS. I’ve always been looking around for tips and tricks on how to make my Toshiba Chromebook do what I want it to do, and do something that I didn’t know that Chrome OS could do. So today, I’ve compiled a list ...

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Readability allows you to read it later and more


Have you ever been trying to view a website to read a couple of articles, but your webpage gets so bogged down while trying to load all the extra images and graphics? It’s a pain in the rear most of the time, and while some websites look absolutely stunning, it just gets annoying that ...

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