Samsung Chromebook 2 first look


Samsung is back with another Chromebook this year, this time with an intel processor in tow. In the past Samsung has stuck with its own Exynos processors for its chromebooks. The laptop is has a very slick metal feel to it, and its got its faux-leather stitched design on the top of the ...

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Keeping up with the NFL with NFL Mobile


Video streaming apps are a dime a dozen when it comes to Chromecast apps. NFL Mobile is the go to app if you like pro football. Check out our look at this app below! NFL Mobile keep you up to date on all of the news, videos, score alerts and updates, you can manage your... Read More

Reviewing sports plays with Hudl


Today’s app is a little different. Since it’s the middle of football season, we’re going to try to cover some football apps this week. The app is called Hudl,and it’s for coaches who want to record and analyze every football play. This app lets you record all of your ...

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Finding the best in online videos with

Pluto.TV_Logo is an entirely free lineup of free channels on the web. Thanks to Chromecast, you can now extend this online-only lineup to your t.v. takes online videos and organizes them into channels for you. Channels for music, technology, gaming, food, and kids channels are all here. ...

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Adding new functionality to Chromecast with Dashboard Cast


The stock pictures that come with your Chromecast device are great! A lot of people, myself included, have the Chromecast running just for the stock slideshow. But the app of the day today adds some extra productivity to your slideshow, it’s called Dashboard Cast, and I think you’re going ...

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Do you want to learn about Chromecast Development?


Reddit user, cddotdotslash, has made a website specifically for chromecast integration. The website is called and there are a number of good introductory guides for you to begin with. The guides that can be found there are: Becoming a Chromecast Developer Setting up your ...

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Latest dev update brings video casting directly from Google Drive


The latest dev update to Chrome OS brought a much wanted feature. Based on a recent post from a Google Chrome Evangelist named, François Beaufort, the newest feature will let you cast any videos stored in Google Drive directly to Chromecast. To try this feature: go to the Google Drive Section ...

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Android apps unofficially supported on desktop Chrome


Well, that didn’t take long. A developer has built a tool that lets any Chrome user on any platform use android apps  with Chrome. The feature we wrote about here, now works on every platform. At this point, the process isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to install a new ...

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Android apps have arrived for Chrome OS


Android apps have arrived on Chrome!  The feature was announced at Google IO this year and is already making its way to Chrome OS in a limited capacity to begin with. The first apps to come to Chrome OS are: Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words, and Vine. The Android apps can run in either a smaller ...

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Artkick updated with new UI and easier way to connect with Chromecast


If you get tired of the same photos streaming over your inactive Chromecast and want to switch it up a bit, you should give Artkick a try. Artkick, an app we’ve profiled before, has a huge database of free pictures that you can cast to Chromecast. There are subjects ranging from ...

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