August 21, 2014

BATTER UP! MLB.TV apps gain Chromecast support


MLB.TV, one of the 10 apps we expected to offer Chromecast support by now, is doing just that. An announcement on Google’s blog from today tells us that the MLB.TV apps for Android and iOS is now able to cast streams of baseball games. What’s more, there’s a second screen-like experience that works in tandem with a smartphone or tablet. You will, of course, need to pay for the premium service if you wish to take advantage of the casting feature.

MLB.TV Premium subscribers can invite their friends over to watch live, out-of-market games. While casting a game to the big screen, use your phone or tablet to check scores, stats and news from around the league. You can even choose between home or away broadcasts to steer clear of the opposing team’s announcers when your guys are on the road.

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