June 17, 2019

Big Web Quiz review (Android)

Big Web Quiz review (Android) Reviewed by on . Rating: 5

Looking for a fun and interesting twist on trivia games? Grab a friend or two and check out Big Web Quiz from Google Creative Labs. Built using the power of Google Knowledge Graph, Big Web Quiz is a great way to pass the time with friends and family.

Rather than asking you to figure out how tall a specific building or monument is, Big Web Quiz might ask you in a completely different manner. For instance, how many Roman Colosseum’s tall is the K2 mountain? Can you put the Lady Gaga songs in order of release before the 10 second timer runs out?

Big Web Quiz lets up to five people play together; each person gets to use their own smartphone or tablet. Setup is a breeze and it’s only a matter of seconds before you’re dropped in and playing.

Graphics are inviting, flat, and colorful and each of the avatars are cute and unique. The game works very well for people of all ages, however, the younger players might have a little trouble understanding what’s being asked.

As a free game, from Google, no less, we really enjoy breaking out Big Web Quiz. The next time you have a couple of friends or family members over spend a a few minutes with this one. It may lead to a considerably longer session and a bunch of laughs.