September 1, 2014

"Casts Against Civility" creator forced to revamp his entire app (Android)

Dehumanize Your Friends!

It wasn’t long ago that we wrote about the popular Cards Against Humanity! clone, Casts Against Civility. It turns out, due to a potential lawsuit, the developer had to change the name of his app to Dehumanize Your Friends!

Not only was the name in question, but he was also told to completely change the way the app worked. In a post on Reddit, Dylan Pollard explained that he was forced to either pull the app or change it completely. Not willing to sacrifice his user base that he has already created, he took to the computer to redesign his app.

Since the take-down request, Pollard has completely redesigned the entire app – the font, the main color, the cards – everything. It’s still a great app, and it’s still a lot of fun to play. The whole process must have been a huge amount of work, so continue to support Pollard by downloading it. And if you enjoy Cards Against Humanity, you’ll (still) love Dehumanize Your Friends!