January 16, 2017

Cards Against Humanity gets Chromecast clone with Casts Against Civility (Android)


Big fan of the card game Cards Against Humanity? Perhaps you’d be interested trying out a little beta game experience on Chromecast known as Casts Against Civility. As an admitted clone of the card game, it’s an Android-only game expected to launch on March 14. According to the developer, an iOS and PC/Mac version shouldn’t be far off, but he needs to first concentrate on the Android sender app.

The objective of the game is to respond to a question or statement that has had a certain word or phrase censored by playing one of ten cards in your hand that contains a random word or phrase. The idea is to make the worst combination possible, something that would make your mother disown you.

The current version of the Android game requires two players to start but, like the card game, works better when more are involved. We’d love to see this one grow over time; it has the potential to become a top game for Chromecast.

Casts Against Civility (Google+ Community)