January 16, 2017

Cast the best of Flickr to your TV with Inflikr [Android]


What is your TV broadcasting when you’re not actively watching a movie, playing a game, or fooling with a Chromecast app? For many people the answer is, “nothing”. A lot of Chromecast users don’t leave their TV on in the time between apps and such. Inflikr aims to change that.

Built with Flickr’s APIs and some open source tools this app lets users browse their favorite online images with a simple and intuitive interface. Keep an eye on what your friends are up to by following their activities, photostreams, and albums. Don’t have anyone in mind? Why not go exploring some of the most popular photos or search for a topic you’ll enjoy.

The Chromecast feature is what we like most; it gives our unused TV a reason to stay on in the background. As new photos are added online we’ll have fresh content to liven up a room.

Additional features include Muzei Live Wallpaper support, gesture navigation, EXIF and location details, slideshows, downloads and video playback. Available as a free app experience, some of these options require the Pro package. Upgrade within the app for $1.99.