January 16, 2017

CAST THIS: Ocean Voyager


Add a massive aquarium and ambient music to your home or office with this YouTube video

Welcome to CAST THIS, a column of articles dedicated to highlighting content that makes for great Chromecast material. Be it a website, a YouTube video, or something entirely different, we’re here to share fun stuff.

If you’re looking for something nice to put on in the background while you go about your work day, you are in the right place. Need something inspirational or soothing to cast while reading on a rainy afternoon? You’ll probably find something nice here.

Ocean Voyager Part 1

Looking to escape the confines of your home or office but can’t afford to literally leave your environment? Make a new environment come to you. The Ocean Voyager (Part 1) video is six hours of undersea aquatics with more than 8,000 animals coming and going. Backed by ambient music, it’s a quick and easy way to tune out the doldrums of the day. The video was shot at the Georgia Aquarium Voyager Tank and is actually the first in at least three related videos.

Be sure to check out some of the other Point of View Concepts videos as Michael Speigner has put together some really amazing and chill stuff. Hours of lava lamps, soaring above clouds, and fires? Add ’em to the queue and cast that stuff on that unused television!