June 24, 2018

Cast Reddit To Your TV


Reddit is a great way to waste a few hours by flicking through all the amazing images and funny gif’s that you stumble across, it would be even better if you could get these onto your TV.

A rather cool little web project has popped up over the weekend called castddit which allows you to cast images from the best subreddits to your Chromecast in a slideshow fashion.

The castddit website is where you can start your casting from, it has a good list of example subreddit links that you can click on to get started and gives a brief FAQ.

You can replace any reddit.com subreddit URL with “castddit.com”  So as an example www.reddit.com/r/funny would become www.castddit.com/r/funny, it’s as easy as that.

Go try it for yourself a castddit.com