May 19, 2019

Cast4Muzei casts your photo sources to Chromecast (Android)


Heads up, Android users. We recently came across an app that we think you’ll enjoy, especially if you’ve been using Muzei Live Wallpaper. Called Cast4Muzei, it does just that – cast your Muzei photo sources. Not only can you refresh your Chromecast each day with various works of art, but you can also customize how often and from which source. Are you the type who prefers the few times per hour rotation or do you like it switching up a few times per minute? ┬áLike to look at your own photos? Would you rather check out inspirational stuff from 500px? Whatever, it’s your app experience.

  • Pick which art sources you want Cast4Muzei to cycle through
  • Control how often Cast4Muzei changes sources
  • Manually cycle between sources
  • Cast art sources to your Chromecast device

Note that you’ll need to install Muzei Live Wallpaper before downloading Cast4Muzei.