June 17, 2019

Chrome Beta 34 (Android) has hidden Chromecasting feature


A new version of Chrome Beta for Android is out and it with comes a hidden Chromecasting feature. Indeed, once you enable the option you can being to cast your YouTube videos to a TV or monitor. Ideally, this opens the door to any and all HTML5 videos.


To enable the casting option simply follow these steps.

  1. Download and install Chrome Beta (34 or later) for Android
  2. Open the app and navigate to chrome://flags#enable-cast
  3. Tap to “Enable experimental Chromecast support”
  4. Close and reload the app
  5. Navigate to Youtube.com from your browser
  6. Cast your videos!

Of course, if all you care about is casting YouTube videos in the first place then you might just want to download and install a recent version of the standalone app.

Have you come across any other video sources that work well in casting to a Chromecast?  Leave a comment below!