January 16, 2017

Chrome Extension of the Day: Gmail Offline


As longtime Google lovers we’ve been using services like Gmail and Google Drive (formerly Docs) for years. And, because Chromebooks and Chromeboxes come pre-loaded with a number of our favorite and most useful apps and services, we’ve fallen deeper in love with Gmail over time.

It doesn’t hurt that Google keeps adding new features, options, user-defined settings all the time. But, as great as some of these things are, sometimes we care simply about being able to work with emails. And, as Chromebook owners can attest, without a data connection, many apps are of no value. Enter Gmail Offline.

Offered as a beta app, Gmail Offline is designed to run offline and without the requisite data connection. Taking a flight or plan on spending some time on a road trip? Why not take some of that time and organize your email? Gmail Offline lets users┬áread, responded to, search and archive messages, all without network access. Once you’re back in a spot where you’ve got WiFi or a data connection you’ll be synchronized and ready to roll again.

Once you install and run Gmail Offline the app will sync in the background so that it’s in line with your standard Gmail. Another detail we like about the app is that it is much cleaner and leaner than your normal Gmail experience.

Gmail Offline