June 17, 2019

Chrome Extension of the Day: Sunrise Calendar


If you’re at all like me then you’ve likely got more than one calendar to which you need must pay attention. Between personal, work, Facebook, and other calendars, it’s hard to ensure you’re following all of them closely. Logging in and out and switching to different apps is just a pain in the butt and we sometimes lose track of things. Thankfully, this is enough of an issue that developers have come up with various solutions.

One particular calendar app/platform I’ve become increasingly fond of is Sunrise Calendar. After starting with the Android app I came across the equally impressive Chrome extension.

Standout features include integration with multiple calendars at once, smart icons, offline support, and cross-platform synchronization. Connect as many Google calendars as you want; also add iCloud and Facebook. Go deeper and tie in events from Twitter, Evernote, TripIt, LinkedIn, and more.

Sunrise Calendar