May 19, 2019

Chromebooks to get always on "OK, Google"

ok google chromebook

Having the always on “OK, Google” hotword has been one of the best features to come out of Android in the past few years. It has evolved from having to be within a certain app and having a certain phone, to it being baked into the OS with Lollipop. Now, this feature is headed towards Chromebooks.

This feature was previously available on Chromebooks, and even computers with Chrome as long as you enabled the feature and were on Now, the dev channel of Chrome OS has this feature enabled for anywhere within the system.

The worlds between Android and Chrome are ever closing, as more and more aspects of each OS cross over to each platform. It has been a theory ever since Sundar Pichai took over Android that there would be a day when we would not differentiate between Android and Chrome. I’m not sure if that will happen, but if it is that gap is closing more and more.

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