August 20, 2014

Chromecast now plays private YouTube videos, live streams


The Chromecast and YouTube experience gets better this week as two new features have been found to work with the tandem. The guys at Android Police noticed that users can now cast private YouTube videos from both the Android app and Chrome browser. Head to the Google support page for the Chromecast and you may find references to private videos. Note that not everything is designed to work with mobile and you may need to go to the desktop experience for casting.

Also quietly introduced this week, live video broadcasts seem to be working if only on the desktop. Presumably rolling out to mobile apps in short order, it’s one more way to take in a live keynote, hangout, or product announcement. We have to think this sort of thing will be pushed by Google in time for Google IO 2014. What better way to get people to watch the big event than on their own Chromecast-enabled TV?

Android Police | Android Police