June 17, 2019

Connect 4 Quads for Chromecast review (Android)

Connect 4 Quads for Chromecast review (Android) Reviewed by on . Rating: 3.5
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The Chromecast is normally synonymous with streaming audio and video services, however it can be used a a game console of sorts. Indeed, there are a number of high-quality single and multiplayer games available for the HDMI device. A few of them, incidentally, come from the same neck of the wood: Hasbro.

Putting a spin on the familiar “board game” of Connect Four, this one can be played in single player or with multiple players. The idea is not so much to create a single line of four connected colors, but as many of them as quickly as possible.

To do so you will drop four pieces at a time, or a “quad”. These quads are a random mix of yellow and red pieces but can be rotated. You’ll place the quad and it falls down the columns. The quads fall all the way down; you’ll have some cases where they all land flush while the individual pieces break apart to land lower in others. Once a group of four in a row is completed the pieces disappear.

Game play is done by displaying the board itself on your Chromecast screen with the quads shown on your phone or tablet. You can slide left and right on your device to choose where to drop. Simply swipe down and the quad falls into place. Need to rotate the pieces first? Use two fingers to pinch the screen and rotate your wrist. Pretty intuitive stuff, really.

When playing against others or by yourself you’ll be given four minutes to make as many four-in-a-row’s as possible. You’ll get bonus points if you can connect more than one at a time or if pieces drop to form more rows as a result. It’s all very challenging and breathes new life into a classic game.

As you might expect, the game plays better when you have friends over. Each player can connect with their own device so there’s no need to pass your phone around the room.

There’s not a ton of polish to the game, but you likely may not mind. When you’re concerned with beating the clock you don’t stop to admire the attention to detail. With that said, we would have liked to hear the old familiar sound of pieces falling into place.


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