June 18, 2019

Current Chromecast owners can score two months free Hulu Plus


Last week, we reported that buyers of a new Chromecast would get two free months of Hulu Plus. It appears that this promotion is not exclusive to them.

Current owners of a Chromecast can get this deal by going into the app, connecting manually to a Chromecast, and then tapping the hamburger button for the drop-down menu (not slide-out). Then tap “check for offers” where you’ll be redirected to a web page where you can redeem any offers available including two free months of Hulu Plus. Supposedly this is available until the end of the year, but better jump on it before someone realizes it shouldn’t be there if that’s the case.

Keep in mind though: you have to put in a credit card number to redeem the deal. So those that won’t want to hold on to this deal will want to make sure they cancel before they’re charged.

Stay tuned for more Chromecast news!

via Android Police