September 2, 2014

CyanogenMod's GalleryNext App adds Chromecast support


The GalleryNext app created by CyanogenMod, which has been in Beta since January, has just added Chromecast support, allowing you to stream your video and pictures from within the app to the big screen.

In addition to media located on your device, GalleryNext also hooks into cloud services like Facebook and Flickr so enables content uploaded to those sources to be streamed to the Chromecast as well.

CyanogenMod has also added a number of other changes including:

* Better scrolling and load times

* Delete and Undo support for local and cloud

* Chromecast and Roku support

* Better integration with image editors

* DeepZoom support

* Provider bug fixes (Dropbox, Google+, FB)

* New animations for image loading and previews

* UI and UX updates

How do I get the GalleryNext app?

Since it’s still in Beta you’ll need to:

1) Join the CM GalleryNext Beta G+ group (

2) Visit the Beta program’s opt-in page (

3) Join the beta and continue to the download link provided on that page.