September 2, 2014

Dayframe 2.3 debuts free Chromecast feature for all


The team over at Cloud.TV on Tuesday announced that effective immediately all users can take advantage of the Chromecast slideshow feature. Available in the 2.3 release and later, users will find there are no limits, restrictions, or advertisements in the experience. The trade-off? Those who are not upgraded to Prime accounts will be asked every “once in a while” to purchase the full version. Also, users will see a small logo on the TV screen denoting the app.

Additional details in Dayframe 2.3:

  • users can now add multiple Facebook friends at a time
  • better support for wireless chargers (i.e. the Tylt)
  • now faster and easier to create playlists (as part of Prime)
  • slideshow got a lighter makeover
  • and of course: bug fixes

To help get things going, Dayframe is offering a discount on the app, listing it for a mere $.99 for a limited time. Our advice to you is to hop all over this one. It’s a gorgeous app experience in its own and looks awesome when you cast to a television or monitor.