January 16, 2017

Designer creates a new look for the Chromecast


For all the great things said about the Chromecast and its flexibility, much of it comes down to the simplicity. Simplicity, that is, that starts with the design of the device. It doesn’t get more straightforward than a stick you plug into your TV (with a powered USB supply). Could it be improved upon? Maybe, but how?


Designer Sam Dirani thinks his take on the Chromecast might be one that Google might consider. Eschewing the HDMI stick for a different build altogether, this Chromecast concept definitely “looks” like Chrome.

This redesign of Google’s Chromecast Concept features a CNC-machined aluminum case with a unique heat-sink that has been chemically-etched into the underside of the case. The design also features a backlit LED power button, a glossy black cap with the “Chrome” logo, as well as a permanently attached bendable HDMI cord. The bendable cord supports the weight of the device while allowing for different port configurations. Combined with the disk-shaped case, it helps to minimize the profile of the device while in use.

But is it practical? If your TV has a USB port than can provide power then it’s certainly no worse off. But, for those who must rely on a separate power outlet near the TV or monitor then things are a tad more wonky. We certainly appreciate the overall look of this one and think it’s fun to consider alternate possibilities. For now, however, we’re okay with the HDMI stick. Seeing as how this hangs behind our TV we aren’t so worried about the details. This isn’t to say we would be mad if our next Chromecast had chemical etching.

Yanko Design