January 16, 2017

Desktop VLC player to get Chromecast support


VLC has long been the workhorse for watching videos on the PC, mainly due to the fact that it will play just about any damn thing out there. It’s no different with the Android app either, as it provides a pretty surefire way to watch those movie clips that would struggle on most of the stock players that manufactures dump on our devices.

A while back, there were requests from VLC users to have Chromecast support added to the desktop application and it looks like the developers listened and have been working hard to get it done with a recent post on the official VideoLAN forum┬áconfirming that they are ” working on it”.

If or when the added Chromecast capability arrives, it will allow VLC users to cast video files from their PC hard drives, which can’t be a bad thing, so watch this space.

It’s great to see more developers getting on board with the Chromecast, especially VLC player. What other desktop applications do you use to cast from your PC ? Leave us some comments below.