May 19, 2019

How To: Enable the Google Play Music 'Particles' visualizer


The Google Play Music experience gets a little bit cooler this week with the introduction of a new feature. Called the “Particles” visualizer, it swaps out the album artwork for an animation that looks like dancing ink in water. It’s quite cool actually and is designed to dance to the music. No, it’s not entirely accurate but it sure does look great. And, if you’re casting your music to a TV it really ties the room together. Just ask our friend, Walter.

Here’s how you can get it to work!

  1. Enable HTML5 Audio Player
  2. Begin playing music
  3. In bottom left, hover over the artwork.
  4. Select ‘Particles’
  5. Enjoy!

We get the sense that we’ll see some additional visualizations added over time.