June 18, 2019

Find the Cute T-Rex easter egg in Chrome


One of the most frustrating things in the world is to suddenly lose your wi-fi connection.  Wi-fi has become a tool that few of us can live without.  When it’s gone people go into a frenzy, running to reboot routers, restarting phones and generally freaking out.  Well, OMG Chrome found a neat little easter egg that can take the sting out of losing your wi-fi connection…at least for a moment.

First, you must be running Chrome Canary on Mac or Windows.  After that it’s pretty easy to find the easter egg.  All you need to do is turn off your wi-fi connection and try to load a page.  Typically, you see the T-Rex all by itself at the top of the error page.  But, if you wait a second, the T-Rex will bounce and an expanse of land will appear before the dinosaur.  The T-Rex runs and you need to hit the space bar to make him jump over obstacles.  This easter egg is a clever little time killer, at least it will keep your mind off the fact that your wi-fi is gone.  Heck, you might even start to enjoy the occasional wi-fi outage.

Source OMG Chrome