May 19, 2019

How To: Find new apps for your Chromecast


So you’ve heard the buzz and finally got yourself one of those Google¬†Chromecast devices that everyone raves about. Welcome to the club! Now you’re probably wondering, “Where are all of these apps and games I keep hearing about?” Before today, that wasn’t exactly the easiest question to answer. In fact, it was the reason we put together a dedicated page here for Android apps and iOS apps. We had been going through the very tedious process or cataloging apps and games for the two platforms. Suffice it to say, that’s a lot of busy work. Still, we definitely recommend you swing by our pages because we’re organizing them by categories; Google hasn’t done this just yet.

Thankfully, Google has officially unveiled a new website to discover apps and games for your Chromecast. What’s more, the Google Play Store app for Android is also smarter than before and hands off downloads quite nicely. Here’s how you go about finding new apps and games for your Chromecast!

From the web

  1. Head to
  2. Choose from Featured, New, and More tabs
  3. Pare down results by platform (Android, iOS, Chrome browser)

Once you click on an app or game you’ll be greeted with a pop-up box that hands off to various sources. For Android apps it leads to the Google Play Store; iOS apps are linked to the iTunes experience. In cases where there’s a website with casting features you’ll see an option to visit the URL directly.

For Android

  • Open Google Play Store application
  • Select Shop Apps in menu
  • Select Categories in the top navigation bar
  • Select Chromecast (next to Editor’s Choice)


Like the new website you’ll find options to sort by Featured, New, and More options. And, because you’re already in the Play Store, tapping a title will put you right into the listing to download to your device. Presto!

We didn’t say this was going to be hard, did we?