June 18, 2019

Finding the best in online videos with Pluto.tv


Pluto.tv is an entirely free lineup of free channels on the web. Thanks to Chromecast, you can now extend this online-only lineup to your t.v. Pluto.tv takes online videos and organizes them into channels for you. Channels for music, technology, gaming, food, and kids channels are all here. Pluto.tv has plans to offer a premium channel lineup in the future. This feature would help current and future cord-cutters get access to premium channels like FOX, ESPN and AMC.

The app itself is pretty straight-forward. When opening the app, you see your current video and the channel guide. Once you find the channel you want to watch, you have an option to watch it in fullscreen, or have the option to cast it to your t.v.

Pluto.tv gives you the ability to take free, HD channels where ever you go, it is available now on the Play Store. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments.