August 22, 2014

GamingCast brings four interactive games to your Chromecast


So you’ve got all the media streaming and local file streaming apps you can think of…what now? Why not use your Chromecast for gaming purposes?

A recently released game called GamingCast provides players with four different games to play using both their Android smartphone and television.

While these aren’t exactly high resolution first-person-shooters they are fun, classic games. The first release includes Snake, Pong, Xonix and Tetrominoes (a take on Tetris). According to the developer notes in Google Play there are more coming in the future.

We took this app for a short spin and found it to be fun, if not awkward at first. Tetrominoes was the more challenging of the bunch if only because we kept looking at the controller. Our suggestion is to start with Snake to get a sense of the directional pads.

Also, and I am not sure if it’s possible, we would not mind trying this with a Bluetooth controller. If that were to work, we’d essentially turn out Android smartphone or tablet into a portable gaming console. And that, just opens up all sorts of new doors.

You can pick up GamingCast for $1.50 in the Google Play Store. At roughly .40 per game it’s a pretty swell deal. It’s a single player pack of games right now but the developer expects to add multiplayer capabilities in a future update.