June 17, 2019

Get your Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity fix with Cardcast


The next time you’ve got some friends over for dinner and games we suggest you check out this recently released app, Cardcast. Inspired by games such as Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, this card-matching game works well with three or more players.

One person, the judge, draws a call card and everyone else submits anonymous responses. The judge then looks at answers and decides the winner of the round. Players use their own devices to submit their cards so people don’t have to crowd around a table or phone. Also, players can drop in and out whenever they want and not disrupt gameplay. What’s more, user-generated card decks ensure you don’t get tired of the same old cards.

The increasing popularity of the genre has led to a rise in user-generated cards and decks scattered across a tangled web of online forums, Tumbler sites, and Facebook pages. Compiling them into consistent, playable sets is difficult and time-consuming. Worse, many players are simple unaware they exist.


Cardcast is a central location for fans to easily share their creations. Be it small expansion packs or whole new decks, the print-at-home feature makes enjoying custom cards simple and fast. Alternatively, the Chromecast app is a great way to try out new combinations of decks

Click here to learn more about Cardcast.