August 22, 2014

Get your Chromecast-powered workout with 7MinGym


It’s spring time which means the weather is volatile and can flash between snow, rain, and total sunshine without much warning. As such, getting outside for some walking and exercise can sometimes prove challenging. But, just because you’re cooped up inside the house doesn’t mean you can’t get a little workout in here and there.

A newly launched app known as 7MinGym seeks to make things easier for you by getting your Chromecast involved. Sorry, you’ll have to switch off Netflix for this one.

Created by the same guy behind Cast4Muzei, this app provides twelve “scientifically selected” exercises that are done in 30 second bursts. With ten seconds in between, the 7 Minute Gym routine is over and done before you know it.

The app interface is quite simple and the color graphics really pop on our device. Thanks to the very basic equipment needs (a chair, a wall), we’re able to do this in any Chromecast-powered environment. Just be sure to ask your co-worker if it’s okay to get your swole on before taking over the Chromecast.