June 18, 2019

Google adds Cookpad, Overdrive, and more to Chrome compatible list


Looks like Google’s been hard at work with developers this holiday season. This time around, Google has released some applications to the Chrome Web Store that work across both your Android device, as well as Chrome OS. These apps are Cookpad Recipes, OverDrive, and Couchsurfing, and can all come in handy this holiday season.

Cookpad Recipes is an app that allows you to create and share your favorite recipes with it’s own little community. You can also check out the recipes from other users, with some of these recipes coming with step by step instructions. You can also comment and leave suggestions, or ask questions about any of the recipes that you find, directly from the Cookpad Recipes app on your Chrome OS device.

Couchsurfing allows you to plan that Christmas getaway from the luxury of your Chrome OS device. Couchsurfing is another community based website, however there’s a bit of a twist. Couchsurfing finds hosts for you and whoever you’re going with around the world. Meaning that instead of staying in a hotel room while you’re abroad, you can actually choose to stay with someone who’s local, and could give you some pointers about the place that you’re staying. From the Couchsurfing app, you can also set up to meet travelers coming to your city, and offer for those travelers to stay with you.

Finally, OverDrive provides you eBooks and audiobooks from more the 30,000 various libraries around the world. No more worrying about getting that book or audiobook back to the Library on time, you can rent either/or directly from your Chrome OS device. You can also sync your libraries, bookmarks and recent positions across mobile devices, all without having to skip a beat.

To get the holiday season started, this is a pretty awesome set of apps to make it’s way to Chrome OS. There’s more excitement to come in the future, with hopes that Google continues to make these apps compatible with both Chrome and Android devices.