May 19, 2019

Google adds 'Second Screen' functionality to Play Movies Android app


I hate it when I’m watching a movie with someone when, suddenly they see an actor or actress and they must know every movie that they have been in.  I’m sure some of you out there can relate.  You’re enjoying a movie when suddenly you hear, “Who is that… What have they been in… I know I have seen them somewhere…” and it won’t stop until they have answers.  It seems someone at Google feels my pain, because an update to the Play Movies app for Android adds ‘Second Screen’ functionality.  Now when you use the Play Movie app to stream a movie through your Chromecast, you can use your mobile device to find and save information about the movie.


Now you won’t be able to get ‘second screen’ functionality with every movie, but if you see that icon in the picture above, it should work.  The update to Google Play Movies for Android should be rolling out over the next week.

Source Android Official Blog via OMG Chrome