May 19, 2019

Google announces new Chromebook Pixel and Store

chromebook pixel

A couple of years ago, Google surprised the world with the release of an in-house designed laptop, running their new in-house made operating system: Chrome OS on the Chromebook Pixel. It came with a premium design and a phenomenal screen never-before-seen on other laptops. Well, recent rumors have proven true and Google has announced a brand new Chromebook Pixel, and it comes prepared for the future of laptops.

To start, Google is touting the new Chromebook Pixel’s Type-C USB port that it will use for charging and data transfer. The new Type-C USB connector supports fast charging and high-speed data transfer, and Google and others in the industry are pushing to implement this new standard of port. What’s great is Google says this connector will soon be implemented on Android smartphones, which means the same cord you use to charge your laptop will be the same you use for your smartphone! Another great thing about Type-C USB is it is completely symmetrical. So when you plug it in, it doesn’t matter if the bottom’s up or the top’s down or whatever, you just plug it in and you’re good to go. To continue this ease of plugging in your laptop, Google placed a port on either side.

The design of the new Chromebook Pixel is along the same lines as the old model, with an aluminum body, smooth glass trackpad, and great screen except, this screen has a better color gamut. There’s also additional improvements such as a wide-angle camera. There are two models you can get, the first having a fifth-generation Intel i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM for $999, or a fifth-generation i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM for $1,299, which they dub the “LS version” (Ludicrous Speed). The new Chromebook Pixel should last for 12 hours, and will charge to 100% in just an hour and a half.

Along with the announcement of the new Chromebook Pixel, Google announced the new Google Store, which is where they will now sell some of the latest products built with Google, such as Chromebooks, Chromecasts, Nexus devices, and Android Wear. You can navigate to the Google Store with, where they are currently having free shipping for the launch.

Source: Official Google Blog