June 17, 2019

Google introduces Backdrops for Chromecast

chromecast backdrops

in case you missed Google I/O and all of the excitement today, Google had a whole section in the keynote set aside for the Chromecast. It’s getting more and more functional as the days go on, and Google is trying to expand it even more.

When you aren’t using your Chromecast, you don’t really have a huge amount of customization options to work with… until today. With an update coming sometime this summer, you can now change the backdrops that show up when your device is in idle. There are numerous categories to choose from, including Places, Animals, Personal Photos, and more.

Probably the coolest part, though, is the ability to get more information on a certain image by using Voice Search on your phone. Just say, “What’s on my Chromecast?”, and the slideshow will automatically populate your device, giving you the ability to search the particular image you’re looking for.