June 18, 2019

Google introduces new Chromecast app discovery tools


Google on Wednesday introduced a new, formal way to discover apps and games for the Chromecast. Available immediately, users can head to chromecast.com/apps to find apps for their beloved streaming and casting device.

Visitors will be greeted by a number of tabs, including Featured, New, and More. Clicking on an app will deliver a pop-up that hands off to the Google Play Store, iTunes, and the Chrome Web Store. If you’d like, you can trim down the list by platform and pull up on results that matter to you.

Also available immediately, the Google Play Store delivers a more robust list of results. If you’re accustomed to shopping for new apps and games directly from your handset then you’ll want to navigate to Shop Apps> Categories>Chromecast. It’s also here that users can sort by Featured, New, and More tabs.