January 16, 2017

Google shaving $20 off Chromebooks for limited time


Perhaps as part of a back-to-school incentive, Google is shaving $20 off their Chromebook selection in the Google Play Store right now. Head there today and you’ll find the following deals available:

  • Acer C720 – $229.00
  • Samsung Chromebook – $249.00
  • HP Chromebook 11 – $279.00

The Chromebook Pixel is not among those with the discount, not that it would be all that noticeable. It’s unclear how long the deal will last so hop on the promo if you’re mulling it over.  Then again, you can also head over to Amazon and save even more money.  We’ve found these prices as of today:

Our advice… check both places out and grab the one that suits you best.