May 19, 2019

HTC Zoe gains Chromecast support

HTC on Thursday rolled out an update to its Zoe photo and video editing application for Android. As part of the new version users will find they can now cast Zoe videos from a smartphone directly to a Chromecast-connected TV or monitor.


The refreshed app allows for users┬ámore easily adjust, remove clips, re-order clips, and more. Additionally, the app app will automatically retry to send failed uploads; playback continues immediately when a phone’s orientation is changed. Previously, changing the direction of the device would restart the videos.

What’s new:

  • Chromecast support. Stream Zoes directly to your Chromecast-enabled devices.
  • Content reordering. Choose which photos and videos to include in your Zoe, and the order in which they are shown.
  • Streamlined uploads. Easily retry uploads if the network connection is interrupted.