June 18, 2019

Keeping up with the NFL with NFL Mobile


Video streaming apps are a dime a dozen when it comes to Chromecast apps. NFL Mobile is the go to app if you like pro football. Check out our look at this app below!

NFL Mobile keep you up to date on all of the news, videos, score alerts and updates, you can manage your fantasy football teams and you can even get a detailed breakdown of every game. You have some premium options if you log into your cable provider or have Verizon’s More Everything plan. like live games on game days. There are tons of features in this app, anyone who likes the NFL should find something good here.

Chromecast app support is there, but according to the play store listing, it could be limited. I can’t test it myself, I don’t have a More Everything plan and I couldn’t find where I could log in with my satellite provider. You can cast NFL Redzone if you have access to that.

Check this app out today on Google Play! It comes preinstalled on handful on Verizon devices.