January 16, 2017

Lantronix's Print and Learn solution brings easy Chrome printing to educational facilities


“Has your school, faculty, or student body implemented tablets and smartphones (iPad, iPhone, Chromebooks, Android devices, Kindle Fire?) If so, Lantronix would like to make sure each and every person associated with your institution can PRINT from their mobile devices – with no software to download, no apps, and no need to buy costly new printers!”

Lantronix on Wednesday introduced a new solution for schools and universities which helps make printing much easier. Printing, that is, from Chromebooks and Android smartphones and tablets. Unless you’ve got Google Cloud Print set up you’ll no doubt understand that it can be somewhat of a challenge to print out homework or documents. Even in cases where you do have the right things in place there are sometimes drawbacks.

…with the bulk of technology purchases going towards tablets and Chromebooks, many schools do not have the resources to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy new printers with built-in mobile printing capabilities.

Given that so many schools and higher education facilities are “going Google” with Chromebooks and Chromeboxes it’s not quite as simple for them to print today. The Lantronix xPrintServer is a plug-and-play solution that makes things much easier. The Print and Learn (PAL) program is essentially comprised of the xPrintServer at a 20% discounted rate and also includes professional services, social media sharing ideas, and a year-long photo contest.