May 19, 2019

Meet your new podcast app - Pocket Casts [Chromecast App of the Day]

Podcasts are awesome! For those who aren’t familiar, podcasts are essentially talk shows on just about every subject you can think of including tech, sports, movies, music, and gaming. To some, oodcasts enable them to hear opinions on the latest news as quick as possible. For others, it’s a great way to enjoy an hour on the subway or commute and keep up with goings-on in their favorite industries.

If podcast are your thing or if you’re looking to get started with them, I suggest trying Pocket Casts. This app will let you discover new podcasts, subscribe and organize your existing podcasts, and it serves as a video and audio player for the podcasts.

The app’s design and look is great and the pullout menu works very well for podcast organization. It’s not just looks, though, as the functionality is good. One of my favorite aspects is how quick the app pulls in the latest podcasts.

If you have this app installed across multiple devices your progress will sync across all of them, making it a breeze to stay organized. The only issue I had with the design or functionality was that you can’t see a podcast list without subscribing to the podcast channel.

With added Chromecast capabilities you will be able to cast either the audio or video to your TV screen. I had no issues at all connecting the app with Chromecast, and both audio and video work well. If you like listening to any kind of podcast in the home or office you will appreciate the option to cast to your TV.

The app costs $3.99 on Android, iPhone and iPad.





  • Easiest way to organize and listen to podcasts on Android.
  • Podcasts are organized in many different ways.
  • Progress syncs across devices.


  • Before you can see the list of podcasts for any channel, you have to subscribe to the channel.
  • No web or native apps for your desktop/laptop.