January 16, 2017

Morning dashboard concept is truly compelling use for Chromecast


UPDATE: See this other, equally compelling concept for Chromecast as a productivity tool

Let’s face it, we love the Chromecast. There’s nothing quite as cool as casting one of our music or video apps to a large TV or monitor. Well, maybe there are some other use cases out there that could be cooler.

We came across this “morning dashboard” concept put together by Michael Massie which adds a totally different level of functionality to the Chromecast experience. Dare we say, it’s perhaps among the coolest things we’ve seen so far. Done right it would actually be productive for users.

Imagine the scenario… You wake up and open your morning dashboard application as you’re getting ready in for work or school. Instead of looking at all of these scrunched widgets spread across multiple home pages or cluttered all-in-one widgets, you could push the details out to a much bigger screen.

The concept consists of four main categories:

  • Today report:
    • Days agenda
    • Agenda options based off calendar (e.g. Lunch options close to the office on your foursquare to-do list)
    • Commute report
    • Weather
  • Personal Report from yesterday:
    • Activity Report
    • Sleep Tracking
    • Check-ins
    • Driving data
  • Home Report:
    • Sunrise/sunset
    • temperature
    • Package deliveries
    • Carbon Footprint
  • Social Report:
    • What you did last year today
    • Buzzworthy news
    • New shows available
    • Birthdays

We don’t speak for Mr. Massie here, but we’d love to be able to open the app experience directly from a widget. It’s not necessary that we see everything on our phones; heck, we don’t want to look at them. We’d rather watch our own personalized news feed and widgets tick across the 55-inch TV hanging on the wall. Perhaps modules we can select, toggle, and customize would be in order. Fill in the blanks, pick your color preferences, and set it to go.

Heck, why not let it auto update throughout the day and put this guy on the office wall? Check off your to-do list, complete tasks and calendar events and watch the screen update and fill in with more details.

What do you think of the concept? How would you improve it? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Michael Massie