September 1, 2014

MyCastScreen provides a default lockscreen for your Chromecast


When you’re not casting one of the many supported apps to the Google Chromecast, the device can sit idle on your big screen. Whilst the various wallpapers the Chromecast displays when idling are gorgeous in themselves, a new app called MyCastScreen provides a default lockscreen to add some cool functionality to the Chromecast. We’ve already seen a few concepts which mimic this functionality, but MyCastScreen takes those concepts and is moving in the right direction to make them a reality.

It’s worth mentioning that the app doesn’t actually replace the homescreen, since this isn’t yet possible, but instead provides a screen that you can cast to the Chromecast and effectively replace the screen that is shown. You can even close the app on your device and it will still be active on the Chromecast.

MyCastScreen Features

* Enter a zip code or city name to get local weather conditions and forecasts.

* Enter a location name to get a custom map tailored to the location you searched for. You can enter a city name, postal code, even an address or intersection to specify which part of the map you’d like to see.

* Enter a custom RSS feed URL to see your personalized news feed tick by.

* Upload an image to the internet and input the URL for a custom home screen wallpaper image

The developer says there’s added functionality coming in future releases, such as image slideshows, a stock ticker, extended weather forecast, and even traffic information.

With the MyCastScreen intended to be displayed permanently on your big screen, image burn-in is obviously a big concern; the developer is aware of this and is working towards implementing a fade-in background and slow motion panning to alleviate any potential burn-in issues.

It seems that MyCastScreen is certainly just the beginning of an idea that could go on to be something very special indeed, and the perfect companion for your Google Chromecast.