June 17, 2019

Netflix app review (Android)

Netflix app review (Android) Reviewed by on . Rating: 5

The first name on-demand video, Netflix is one of our favorite streaming services for movies and television. The library gets better over time, or so it seems, and we’re finding more reasons to subscribe.

The Android app is rather straightforward in its design, providing easy access to content. Once logged in you can scroll and swipe through to pull up a movie or TV show. The menu setup is very modern, employing the Android Holo principles, and offers a quick way to navigate to a sub-genre.

What looks great on smartphones looks even better on tablets. In fact, should you own a Kindle Fire, iPad, or any other tablet, you’ll be just as pleased.

We like that the mobile app experience is not all that different from the one you might get on Roku or gaming console.  Users can tile through the various recommendations, categories, and personalized lists just as they would from a TV.

When it comes to casting to a TV, Netflix does it right by putting the icon right where it belongs in the top right corner.  The actual act of casting lets us go about our business, adding to our lists or looking at other movie details.

We should also point out that in addition to the Android app, the Netflix website works well for Chromecast. If you’ve got a laptop or desktop with the Chrome browser then you can also cast to your TV. 

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